As Singapore emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic and re-opens, the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA) is proud to hold our flagship Conference on 26 April 2023, in-person, as an event of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore’s Singapore Maritime Week 2023.

For the SCMA Conference 2023, we are pleased to have Mr Lucien Wong, Attorney-General, Attorney-General’s Chambers, grace our event as the Guest-of-Honour and deliver the keynote address.

Focused on the theme “Navigating a Disrupted World – Global Perspectives”, the SCMA Conference 2023 will feature panel discussions exploring the opportunities and challenges brought about by a disrupted world as we are confronted by geopolitical tensions, war, looming global recession and inflation, and new ways of conducting business; as well as the current issues that are pertinent to maritime dispute resolution.

This conference will serve as a platform for legal practitioners, arbitrators and senior executives from across the maritime and legal sectors to congregate and engage in discourse and share their experiences and insights with one another.

Guest of Honour
Mr Lucien Wong

Attorney-General’s Chambers

Former Chairman
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
(Feb 2009 – Dec 2016)

About SCMA

Established in 2004 and reconstituted as an independent institution in 2009, the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA) aims to be the seat of choice for global maritime and international trade arbitration.

SCMA provides an arbitration framework that is responsive to the needs of maritime and trading users.  Together with SCMA’s specialised Panel of Arbitrators, SCMA offers the maritime and international trade communities a cost effective, flexible and neutral approach to resolve disputes fairly and expeditiously.

For details of the conference, please refer to the conference e-Brochure here.